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Environment - hard surface - weapon

Environment - hard surface - weapon

by liyutian0608 on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone, among the first-year game art students at New3dge, I tried many different projects and learned many new technologies, and I will show you here. Hope you like it ^^.

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Dawn is the plant alien that I completed at new3dge school .I aim to show a huge and desolate planet that is being awakened by dawn.

hope you like it.

 software : 3dsmax - zbrush - substance painter - rizomUV - photoshop - speedtree

This is a hard surface tank I made on blender, rendered in ue4, more boolean practice ^^

 software :blender - marmoset - substance painter - unreal engine - photoshop

This is a game weapon manufacturing class´╝îI chose to make a spear ^^.

software : 3dsmax - zbrush - substance painter - rizomUV

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