The architectural visualization art

The architectural visualization art

Sara Martin Trillo
by SaraMartin on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I'm Sara, an interior designer, and architectural visualization student. During my studies, I discovered 3D modeling so after finishing them I decided to study a master's degree in Archviz at Butic The New school. I would love to be able to dedicate myself to it and keep improving myself.

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The following projects have been made in the master. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Arnolfini Portrait

The Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife is a 1434 oil painting by the painter Jan Van Eyck. It is considered one of the most complex paintings because of the geometric orthogonal perspective and the expansion of the space with the use of the mirror.

Almost every object in the room has been modeled, except the red heels.

On one side there are full 3DS Max modeled objects, on the other hand, we can found that all the fabrics had been modeled with Marvelous Designer.

These images represent the scene in top view, so we can see the distribution of space. The second image is the left view, in which space has been copied making symmetry, so it can be reflected in the mirror.

David Hockney in his book "Secret Knowledge" throws the hypothesis that in the first decade of the XV century, the Flemish painters could have used optical tools at the moment of making their paintings. That is the reason why they started having a photographic appearance as is in this case.

This example shows with no doubt how the perspective of the room and the represented objects match millimetrically with a photograph of a real room taken with a specific lens.

3ds max + Vray + Marvelous Designer + Photoshop


This scene is the Grob House interior, by Campo Baeza Architect. This project was made to practice geometric modeling and Forest software for the distribution of the vegetation in the environment.

The following images are reference models that inspired me to make up this scene. I wanted to create a forsaken place with the wind moving the curtains and dragging the leaves inside, showing the passage of time.

For the lighting, I have used an HDR with a sunset to give a powerful orange light entering into space. But this way, the scene was way darker than I wanted and the texture could hardly be perceived so I had to use two VrayPlane placed inside.

These materials are mostly concrete, to give it a dirty appearance, as when the sea tide rises getting inside the architecture, the concrete was applied a VrayDirt map.

3ds max + Vray + Forest + Marvelous Designer + Photoshop

Eternal Summer

In this particular project, I wanted to work mainly with lighting so I decided to make a daytime and night scene. This way it is possible to see how different the same place looks depending on the time of day.

In the daytime scene, there is a small VraySun, so it is giving very marked and defined shadows in the room.

On the other hand, in the nocturnal one, the goal was that the main light was the led lights on the central table, made from a small Vrayplane and they also have an emissive material. Furthermore, there are other complementary lights like a VraySun, higher than the day scene, and with a blue filter as moonlight and finally a VrayPlane in some different places with a warm color temperature to contrast the VraySun.

3ds max + Vray + Photoshop

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