BUSIAFFAIR: The one stop supply shop     /    NIMBUS: ultimate kinetic coverage

BUSIAFFAIR: The one stop supply shop / NIMBUS: ultimate kinetic coverage

Michell Hur
by MichellHur on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

BUSIAFFAIR is committed to providing an interface and subscription service that facilitates connections between small business owners and suppliers. NIMBUS is the ultimate kinetic coverage device designed to provide an improvised experience in varying weather conditions for people who use powered wheelchairs.

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                                                                                    Project 1 

                                                      BUSIAFFAIR: the one stop supply shop

Project Lead - Michell Hur. Visual Lead - Emily Elz. Research Lead- Meredith Tan. Interface Lead- Jialiang Guo


                                                                                Project 2

                                                     Nimbus: the ultimate kinetic coverage


Umbrellas do not currently provide a versatile means of protection against the elements, especially for users who are unable to physically hold the umbrella during use. The umbrella has not been created with the unique cases and scenarios in mind that arise in society in terms of accessibility. One group of users who struggle to hold a physical umbrella are those who are wheelchair bound. Users in wheelchairs already face so many challenges in terms of mobility and are often preoccupied with the task or mission they are trying to complete besides rain or sun protection. This group of people could greatly benefit from a uniquely crafted solution to effectively protect themselves from the elements. 

Nimbus is an effective hands-free solution for protection against the elements including rain and sun. The product provides the long-term wheelchair user with ample coverage by having the ability to adjust to each unique weather scenario. Using an intuitive joystick controller, the user can precisely control the movement and direction of Nimbus to account for changing weather conditions. The asymmetrical device can be rotated 360 degrees as well as titled forward and backwards and side to side, accounting for a wide range of motion. The device is made of sturdy, lightweight materials like aluminum and nylon that are weather resistant but still aesthetically pleasing. The actual canopy folds and unfolds in a fan-like way and is driven by servo motors. Attached to the back of the wheelchair, the device can be opened and collapsed at any time based on the user’s input and their current needs. In order to accomplish a supporting pole is attached to the canopy structure which emerges out of a canister or storage device that houses the physical and mechanical components. Nimbus is easily attachable to any modern wheelchair, whether electronically driven or self-propelled. The features and functionality of Nimbus do not detract from the usability and comfort of the current wheelchair system, incorporating new controls separate from the primary navigational controls in the case of an electronically driven wheelchair. Rather, it enhances the experience of traveling during adverse weather by allowing the user to focus on other tasks other than sun and rain protection. 

UX Designers - Michell Hur, Jeffery Kinderdine, Tova Tobrand, Kelechi Ogbuaku, Ria Chordia, Luke Lobotsky

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