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Arianna Staibano - The Rookies 2021

Arianna Staibano - The Rookies 2021

Arianna Staibano
by Arymanas on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are a collection of the most relevant projects accomplished until now: 1) ''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' 2) ''Shakal, The Half Formed'' - concept By Darren Benton. 3) ''Xenotarsosaurus reconstruction''

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''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' 

Game Ready UE4

''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' - UE4 renders.

''Bayen'', the main character, and his prehistorical Citipati companion ''Garid'', are desert traveller in the ancient Middle-Est. The artstyle take inspiration from game like Assassin's Creed Origins and Prince of Persia.

Software: ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, UE4.

''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' - UE4 details views. 

In the Mongolian language, ''Bayen'' means rich, fertile, while ''Garid'' stands for a legendary bird-like creature. 

UE4 - Video presentation using sequence level in UE4 and Adobe Premiere.

''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' - High poly sculpts, ZBrush.

''Bayen the Warden of Garid'' - Project overview (above).

Following some of the most relevant extracts from the artbook covering the concepts development and choice, modeling techniques, topology and materials.

''Bayen, The Warden of Garid'' - Materials and UVs layout.

''Shakal, The Half Formed'' 

Game Ready UE4

Concept by Darren Benton

''Shakal, The half Formed'' - UE4 renders 

''Shakal, The half Formed'' is a concept of Darren Benton. His concept caught me straight away and, at the time, has been challenging sculpting her. With this project, I had the chance to learn how to develop detailed low poly assets (like the ropes, small horns, jewellery, etc.)in a realistic art-style, optimized for games.

Software: ZBrush, 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, UE4.  

''Shakal, The Half Formed'' - High poly sculpts in Z brush. 

''Shakal the Half Formed'' - Materials renders, Substance Painters.

3D viewer of ''Shakal, the Half formed''.


Creature Game Ready UE4

''Xenotarsosaurus'' -  UE4 renders. 

The Xenotarsosaurus is a theropod similar in features to the better know Carnotaurus, but smaller. The goal was to reconstruct a dinosaur equipped with a saddle to fit Ark Survival's world.

Software: ZBrush, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, UE4.

Xenotarsosaurus posed in ZBrush - high poly sculpts.

Xenotarsosaurus retopology - 35K polys.

Xenotarsosaurus anatomy studies and researches.

Some extracts of anatomy studies and researches carried for the 3D reconstruction and development of the dinosaurs. 

Xenotarosaurus - Textures slots and UVs layout.


Thank you for watching! :) 

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