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Samuel Garcia - Character Concept Designer

Samuel Garcia - Character Concept Designer

Samuel Garcia
by samuelgarcia on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! My name is Sam, and I really enjoy exploring character design. Below are some of the projects I've worked on. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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Kitsunes Unpersons

These are the first assets of an original IP I'm currently developing. The story centers around a group of teens in Japan that were recruited as toddlers, along with hundreds of others, into a private enterprise of assassins. Led by their adoptive, cruel father, Masamoto, the teens have been brainwashed into committing countless assassinations until one of them, Tomoe, learns about the truth of her upbringing and begins an insurrection to remove the blindfolds from others just like her, and to slowly decimate the enterprise.

Parasite Eve

In this project I looked to reimagine what the classic Parasite Eve video game characters could look like for a gritty film adaptation. I wanted to steer away from the horror a little and more into the supernatural elements of the story.


This is a redesign for a possible Nova look.

Sketches & Studies

These are a few works that range from keyframes to anatomical art.

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