Concept Art Portfolio

Concept Art Portfolio

Benoît Brissiaud
by benoitbrissiaud on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am a 23 years old visual development and concept artist based in Bordeaux, France. The studies end this year, so I hope you will like the projects I have developed until now !

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Collection of personal and school work I made in large part this year. 

First of all, researches and concepts I did for my graduation film. We are actually working on it.

Two trees mixing 3D and 2D rendering, giving an agressive and stylized look to a realistic 3D.

These sketches of gas stations are very influenced by brutalist architecture, which is a real source of inspiration for me.

Three stages of progress of our "Shining plan". First 2d sketch, then 3d visualization, finally 2d & 3d render.

Personal experimentations.

Perched House

First introduction to photobashing technique.

Perched Houses II

Cyberpunk Project 

My entries for the Cyberpunk 2077 challenge organized by


Project I did two years ago, the goal being to decline a single decor in different seasons.

Grouping of old works, mergin' swamps, giant trees and sci-fi projects.

Two studies I made with photo references from the Shotdeck site. Joachim Phoenix first, then I forgot the name of the movie...

And finally, 

Empty Airport

Maybe my favorite one. 

Thanks for watching ! 

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