The Tinkerer's Workshop

The Tinkerer's Workshop

by dklein051 on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This was a passion project inspired by the estate auctions I used to work at when I was a kid in a family business. I wanted to challenge myself by authoring all the textures myself, ranging from wood grain to logos.

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The inspiration behind Tinkerer's Workshop was based on an amalgamation of the estate auctions I used to work in a family business when I was a kid. I had been into countless workshops, similar to this one, and they were endlessly fascinating. I wanted to see if I could bring an ounce of magic I remember so fondly into this environment. I wanted to focus mainly on texturing, so the majority of the objects were provided by CGTrader or TurboSquid.

I ended up scrapping all of the uvs that the objects came with and redid them, while the work was tedious it was definitely worthwhile. Due to the nature of the materials being so similar, I built a library of several different textures in Substance Designer to manipulate procedurally in Substance Painter. I made the logos in Photoshop, including several easter eggs for people who were either a part of the auction experience or those who helped in general with The Workshop.

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