The Garden of Thruhal

The Garden of Thruhal

Pau Pujadas Torres
by paupujadas on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Concept art and visual development of Thruhal's realm, a vast desert for the soul.

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The garden of Thruhal

This is a personal project that develops a part of a bigger world. The objective was to work in many concepts and illustrations that belong in a cohesive envoirment. All the writing that rised up this realm in my imagination was developed by Matthew Krumlauf, without him any of this would't be possible.

All the assets are done in Virtual reality in the timeframe of an sketch, and textured later in substance painter. This way aproved concepts can be used to build up illustrations.

The watchers

The gardener of Thruhal

Carriage with bodies to transplant.

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