Derek Tath - Stylized Character Showcase 2021

Derek Tath - Stylized Character Showcase 2021

by Dechta on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I'm Derek, and I like making stylized, game-ready characters, both handpainted and PBR. I'm a soon-to-be senior currently attending College for Creative Studies majoring in game design, and after figuring out I really liked character art, I've spent the past year studying and creating work for my portfolio.

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Lux Fan Visual Update

A visual update I made for my favorite League character, Lux, and my first ever full character.  This is actually version 2.0 of this project, as I went back to revamp her textures a few months after finishing her the first time.

Design is by me, the character is owned by Riot Games.

Here are my initial sketches. Lux has had multiple designs across League media, so I wanted to try and combine the elements I liked into one cohesive design.

Dark Waters Mordekaiser

For my second League model, I wanted to tackle something a little out of my comfort zone. He was made in 3 weeks in preparation for the Riot internship.

Concept by Ron Broyde, Character owned by Riot Games.

Pastel Smoke Bomber Kaede Sculpt

My final for my Character Modeling class this past semester. Our prompt was Hero and Villain, and we were paired up to concept and model the two. My partner and I decided to a cutesy glitter bomb villain vs a cool smoke bomb hero, the twist being the cutesy one having a dark, edgy color pallet and the cool one having a pastel, colorful one.

Concept by me.

Space Channel 5 - Ulala Fan Art

Fan art of Ulala from Space Channel 5. I wanted to practice PBR, and I decided to make Ulala because she's a character that I loved as a kid and her design was something nice and simple to practice with.

Ulala and Space Channel 5 are owned by Sega.


Battle Academia Neeko Fanskin

Original concept by @hanjosi on Twitter, Neeko is owned by Riot Games

Valorant-style Character - Couture

A character I've been working on to add more men (or at least, a man) to my portfolio. Valorant doesn't really have a true "pretty boy" character, so I designed him to kind of fill that hole. He's a Chinese fashionista and designer working in the USA who's radiant powers let him manifest malefic energy as shadowy arms.

Design by me, Valorant owned by Riot Games.

Most things here are available to look at it on my Artstation, and I post frequent progress pics on my Twitter, among other goofy things.
Thank you for checking my post out!

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