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Video Game Assets

Jever Rubrica
by TheRedMan on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! below is some of the work I've done throughout my 3rd year in university.

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I'm a intermediate 3D artist, who's currently making its way through more complex and advance aspects of 3D modelling. 

What follows are the series of work I made for my 3rd year final major project at my university. They highlight my current skills with 3D modelling and texturing.

This piece is inspired by the WW1 tank Renault FT-17. This piece was fun to make and challenging because it was the first time I had to model something with a dozen pieces. It really improved my way of thinking on how should I organise things when I'm modelling.

This piece is based on underwater remote controlled vehicles. This was also very interesting to me because it thought me ways I could improvise with alpha textures to add more details to my models during the texturing process.

Pre-Major Project


Overall, My 3rd year was a fun and interesting experience. It gave me plenty of time of explore and improve my skills within different areas of 3D. I learned things that are needed for 3D video game asset workflow such as retopology, baking, sculpting and texturing. For the next couple of months I aim to improve my skills further, trying out more daring and challenging objects and character to model. 

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