Day Slight

Day Slight

Day Slight
by DaySlight on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is a collection of Concept art using various techniques in different styles with exploration, sketches and problem solving throughout.

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The brief for this project was to come up with designs for an Archetypal swordsman character for a Roguelike dungeon crawler. The character will represent a base model from which the rest of the characters will be built on. The concept for the character was for a Young man who was enlisted into an army that lost in a grand battle, he is now a prisoner and has been pulled from his cell to go into a haunted dungeon which no one has been able to survive so far, and if he can clear it, then he's a free man.

Here is another concept sheet showing some of my process, with early idea thumbnails worked up to a final style of line art that I decided to go with. In the first instance I wanted to lay down some really simple sketches so that I could identify the key components to the base character design. I wanted to strip him of Armor and leave that option open for level pickups, which I could concept on top of the base model when required.

Concept Exploration:

Here are a few designs done in a different style, which I didn't like because they felt too crude, but decided to include for contrast. 

Environment Concept: Pixel Art

The brief for this project was to figure out an appropriate style for which to build a Dungeon area using pixel art. At this point in the project the idea is still being fleshed out to see what kind of feel I wanted to create for a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler if the art style was simplified. I also wanted to demonstrate to potential employers that I had range, and that I could jump into something like pixel art and make it look professional. Everything was built with tiles at a set resolution, and I figured out neat ways to build an area that could then be reassembled in blocks without any glitches.

Here is another sheet showing a few stages prior to the final room, through some exploration I fleshed out some rooms that were super basic and also a little too realistic on route to the final version that we have above. On this sheet I also included what I felt were some early designs for a character, which ultimately was a little too simplistic, the Swordsman concept was then fleshed out later on.

Druid Character Illustration: Art Test

This is a concept sheet for an art test that I did a few months back. I was quite sad that I didn't get through, but I used the process to try to learn more about rendering in a particular style, and how to present my work in a more effective way. My process for this was to do thumbnails, pick a few and do a quick pass over them,  then pick one of those and work it up to a final image as I was on a quick turnaround for it. Below is some of that process.

Photo -bashing and Previsualisation

Below Are some images that I created using photo-bashing as the primary method, these images were tests that I used to understand the process which I could later use for previsualisation. Of which I created a composition and then painted on top of and added various elements to supplement the design. For me this  process is very fast.

Each of these images were made to represent a significant moment that could occur within their respective worlds.

Some more as above, but without any photobashing.

Character Art

Finally here are some individual character designs that were created through exploration of styles and different approaches to rendering, and presenting work at different stages of completion.

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