e.tɔs - Renaud Tissandié

e.tɔs - Renaud Tissandié

Renaud Tissandié
by renaudtissandie on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project was born from the desire to learn new things and improve my 3D skills. I'm responsible for all its aspects

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During my last year of school I specialized in compositing but I wanted to improve my 3D skills and experiment a bit. Ideas were coming while I was working, depending on what I wanted to learn, but it was important for me to keep a visual consistency to create a coherent project in the end.

I tried some techniques and softwares for the first time, like photogrammetry, Marvelous Designer, Xgen and the ACES workflow.

The car is based on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta from the 80's and the jacket on a piece by the talented duo Icosae. Ash Thorp's work with cars was also a good inspiration during the process.

All the texturing was done in Substance Painter and Maya

For the head I did a photogrammetry using a photo pack from the 3D Scan Store, then cleaned it and resculpted details in ZBrush.

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