Emil Sumovskij - CLO3D 3D Garment Visualisation

Emil Sumovskij - CLO3D 3D Garment Visualisation

by esmvskj on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The following is my entry for the Rookie Awards 2021, specifically the Browzwear Virtual Fashion category. This is a mini-portfolio that displays all my 3D visualisation related work over the past year.

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Hi, my name is Emil Sumovskij and I'm a 19-year-old first-year BA Fashion student at the University for the Creative Arts. Over the past year, I've been consistently learning and experimenting with CLO3D, 3D fashion design software, immensely sparking my interest in virtual fashion .

During this time, I've applied the gained knowledge to create virtual garments for my university projects and worked with various creatives on creating 3D visualizations of their designs. At the moment, I am working on creating short time-lapsed clips which are to be used by the university to promote their upcoming MA Digital Fashion course. 

This entry will display all of the best work that I've created through the use of CLO3D.

For my first project, I used a Deep Image Reconstruction AI to generate reconstructed images of photos that were taken by me as a kid, hence the name of the project 'Reconstructed Memories'. The four images above show my sketches, mannequin work as well as the finalised lineup of six looks. Once these were done, I used the drawings to attempt and accurately recreate some of the garments using CLO3D, which at the time was my very first time properly utilising the program. 

After handing in my project, I continued on bettering my knowledge of the software and started integrating other programs such as Substance Painter and DAZ Studio. 

Around the beginning of 2021, I sent out an email to Gleb Kostin, the owner of a creative association Bogema Leningrad from St. Petersburg. Upon contacting him, I was able to land a collaboration, as I was in charge of creating 3D visualisations of the brand's potential designs.

The first idea I brought to life through the use of CLO was a Bogema tracksuit under the name "КРАСНАЯ РАДУГА" (Red Rainbow). I was presented with various images of similar fitting trousers and jackets which I used to create Gleb's envisioned tracksuit.

Initially, I created two versions of the track pants with two different fits that I then compared side-by-side.

Finally, Gleb and I agreed on several changes which I implemented to successfully create a finalised version of the Bogema track pants.

From there, I went on to work on and finalise the tracksuit. 

For my next garment, I was tasked with developing a womenswear sweater and pleated skirt. Similarly, Gleb presented me with various photos of the desired fit and similar-styled clothing as may be seen below.

I started off with the sweater by developing an early prototype just to get an idea of how it should fit on the avatar and whether I needed to make any drastic changes to the pattern.

From there, I made several changes to the pattern, the fabric and the avatar itself. At the same time, I quickly constructed the pleated skirt as it presented no challenge and I knew exactly what was required.

Finally, I was able to import a DAZ avatar that allowed me to use more intricate poses. Consequently, I added leg warmers to finish the look.

At the moment, I am a week away from my first-year final deadline. For this project, we were required to pick a brand from Dover Street Market and develop up a concept for a six-look collection. More importantly, we are tasked with the manufacturing of a shirt from one of the six looks. 

The brand I went for was Kiko Kostadinov, below is a CAD and a couple of rough sketches of how I envisioned the shirt to look on the body.

Next, I cut and constructed a toile that gave me a rough idea of what the final shirt would look like and whether I need to make changes to the garment.

Once I was decided on my colours and final fabric, I went on to use CLO3D to create the desired shirt with all the changes. In order to do so, I measured all my patterns and followed pretty much the same steps that I took when making the toile. The finished result is shown below.

The real shirt is yet to be finished, however having used CLO to make a 3D visualisation of it I now have a good idea of how the asymmetric button-stand will act with jersey fabric. Additionally, this model allowed me to experiment with different button and buttonhole positions.

I am a strong believer that virtual fashion and companies such as Browzwear and CLO are the future of clothing manufacture and fashion design in general. The technology not only makes the entire process much more efficient but more importantly barely any resources are wasted in comparison to the traditional sampling and manufacturing process. Subsequently, I believe that 3D visualisation is quickly becoming an essential skill set within the fashion industry, therefore universities around the world should start incorporating it into their courses.

This internship will allow me to gain experience within the industry early on and grant me with knowledge which, ultimately, are two of my main goals as a first-year student.

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