The Rookies 2021 Student Entry

The Rookies 2021 Student Entry

by AkhushGruner on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Media from my foundation term at Think Tank Training Center.

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This Piece is a still frame from my foundation project at Think Tank Training. It is based on an acrylic painting by artist Autumn Skye. The project mostly involved sculpting the head in Mudbox. A procedural skin was created using nodes in Mari. I created lights in Vray and painted some in photoshop. The roses and skulls were created in Maya and some additional sculpting was done on the skulls in Mudbox. Basic textures were created in Mari for both, and I used some fog to accentuate certain shadows at the base of the bust. Some final painting in photoshop cleaned up and finished the piece.

This asset is a texturing project for my Think Tank foundation term. The model was supplied by the school. I generated the UV's for the asset and then painted textures in Mari using a dirt and edgewear layer mask as well as material masks for the glass, painted metal, and bolts.

This is another Think Tank foundation texture assignment. The model was donated to the school by Vijay Singh. I was going for a faded copper coat over a stone statue look with this texture. This one was another Mari painted texture. The whole project was hand painted on top of a tiled stone base.

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