by Koushiro on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is Deimos, the service android for taking care of your starship and/or space station.

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Meet Deimos!

The idea behind this android is that he is one of a number of service androids for serving/taking care of slightly classier starships/stations. He has a very clean and pleasing look, and can equip several different tool sets to serve different needs. This particular bot is currently equipped with a blowtorch and a propane tank on his back. His exterior is made from copper and steel. I hope you like his design! 

Here you can see the process of going from a simple sketch, to the finished piece. A few areas changed from sketch to lineart, but for the most part it stayed the same. It is quite different from the original thumbnail I will add however. I've been drawing for about 8 years, but I've only just started taking it seriously in the last year. This project was done for my Intro to Concept Art class at CG Spectrum this last winter.

Thank you for considering me in this contest and for checking out my work!

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