Silver Feather Storyteller

Silver Feather Storyteller

Linley Barba
by linleyb4 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This personal illustration showcase includes my work based on the epic of Beowulf, the tragic backstory of my favorite character from a certain Belgian game developer's latest RPG, as well as sample illustrations for a bardic tarot card set.

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"Hand to Hand"

My interpretation of the mythic battle between Beowulf and Grendel from the Anglo-Saxon epic.

After creating my character design sketches for the monster, from clues in the narrative, I created and staged a maquette for reference.

"Disgraced Paladin"

Guilt, anguish, despair, fear... and above all, revenge, burn the soul.

Bardic Tarot Deck

"The Empress"

"Ace of Drums"

"Eight of Strings"

"Six of Pipes"

"Two of Bells"

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