Character Art by Angela

Character Art by Angela

Angela Garnaut-Jager
by Angelagj on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of work created during and after completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design) at Flinders University / CDW Studios.

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Character Concept Art

Dystopian Vigilante

This guy is 21 years old and not afraid to chop people up. Uses an axe because guns require a constant stream of resources. However, IF he had access to an endless supply of bullets he would be using one. The world is a tough place, the stickers remind him of a simpler time.

Dragon-Blooded Elf Concept

I tried to bring in some realism using texture and subtle colour on the skin. Golden dragon scales run down the sides of her torso and her hands yield harsh lightening. 

I also made a gif which can be found here:

Deep Sea Character Concepts

Each concept is based off of various sea creatures. A yellow lobster, a deep sea lobster called dinochelus, and a hammerhead shark skeleton respectively.


Character portrait exploration studies.

Dragon Mage

sketches of a dragon mage character.


Switch is a character I designed to fit into the Overwatch universe.

I wanted to mess around with the idea of someone having a custom PC built INTO their body.

Switch has a powerful liquid cooled CPU at her core, giving her the ability to overclock herself. Overclocking her CPU increases speed and the damage she inflicts for 5 seconds. Switch is only able to maintain this for a short period of time, and eventually overheats. After the 5 seconds she goes into a cooldown mode in which her suit opens to increase airflow and smoke is ejected.

She is able to perform a high double jump by controlling airflow out of vents located on her soles and palms.


A curious, young, and playful dryad with a proclivity for collecting and carving trinkets. She is a guardian of the denizens of the forest, and has formed particularly close bonds with a cute tribe of mushroom-folk. Her connection to nature is visible in plant-like growths throughout her body. These react to her emotions, flaring out when she is angry and wilting when sad.

Her bond with the tribe of mushrooms has resulted in unique companions which follow her throughout her journeys.

Final Design

Initial Sketches

Exploration of personality 

Nocturnal Wild Elf

A powerful and skilled hunter at night. During the day she rests, hidden amongst branches and roots.

Drawn in my sketchbook and painted in PS.

Costume designs were later added because I was having fun exploring this subspecies of elves.


Zombie character concepts


Glade is a character I designed to fit into a metroidvania game.


Early Sketches


Y2K is a Stranger Things inspired mystery, set in the late 90s.

Main Character

Main character's alien form

Best Friends

The gang

Skateboard Designs

Y2K Graphics

Y2K Skateboard sticker sheets and holo stickers. Had a lot of fun designing these.

Main Character sketches done in Procreate


A collection of portraits painted and sketched in Photoshop and Procreate.

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