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Null: Reconstructing the Future

Null: Reconstructing the Future

Candi Gordon
by cgordo21 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A Zero-Waste Collection that shows the fashion industry can be truly sustainable without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Null: Reconstructing the Future, A Zero-Waste Collection

When garments are cut in factories using traditional pattering methods, tons of fabric scraps are discarded. 11.2 million tons of textile waste is put into landfills each year. These fabrics take over 200 years to decompose and during this time they release harmful greenhouse gases, toxins, and dyes into surrounding soil and water. We must start from the source and alter the entire design process to find solutions.

Zero-Waste pattern cutting combats this problem by eliminating fabric waste from the design process, however many of these designs on the market today are not appealing to customers, because they are not fashionable. This makes them ineffective. I want to create aethetically appealing, modern, and wearable zero-waste designs. By manipulating rectangles, tubes, and strips of fabric I can create new, interesting, and appealing silhouettes and style lines that aren’t seen in traditional pattern cutting.

My concept alters the design process to create interesting and appealing zero-waste garments by manipulating squares into strips and tubes. It is a primarily womenswear seasonless collection that focuses on new ways to create clothes without waste that are fashionable.

While it seems that this collection would be marketed specifically to people who value sustainability, It also actually targeting women that care solely about aesthetic and fashion. I want people to but these clothes because they look unique and attractive, then find out that they are zero-waste and sustainable after. This will show that you can be fashionable and care about our planet and technology at the same time. Customers will not have to compromise sustainability and fashion.

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