The Art of Celioton by John Santana.

The Art of Celioton by John Santana.

by MauricioMolina and Onaga on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I'm a Ux Designer but I always wanted to focus on Videogames. Because my whole life I've been surrounded by them just love them. Currently, I'm doing more courses to improve my 3d modeling and Sculpting, and texturing. My focus now is to become an artist for a studio to work in prop creation, texturing and modelling

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A full 2d idea to 3d Creations. (Photoshop -> Maya -> Mudbox -> Substance Painter 

(Self Taught). 

Krill (52) seeks to collect creatures that belong to marine ecosystems to preserve them, but on his way of collecting he discovers that these creatures are captured by Khorne (48) who uses them to do experiments and implement them in humans as an excuse for human evolution. and medical, with which Krill realizes and tries to free these creatures. 

All the Art presented included the  was made for the game Cellioton by Onaga

Game Gender: 

- Metroidvania 

- Collector

- Stealth


Backpack HydroAcuarium - 

This bag is used to store the creatures from the sea without risking their life. Based on the Razer Tacticbag. 

It was important to look for a container in part of the history of where they would be stored after rescue. To later be able to release them in a safe area.

Creating a Technologic Holographic tablet.

This Tablet was intended to be able to project holograms in order to display the information related to the environment of the player, experimenting a little bit in Substance with the different stamps and trying to hold my edges better in maya.

Underwater Villians 

I wanted to express how a person can become slowly a monster. In the game Celioton,  Some crazy scientific guy tries to mix their DNA with an Angler Fish. His name in the game is Bacalao doing references a kind of fish.

Lackeys (Second Villian From Celioton)

Also based on the classic appearance from Monster Inc  ( The Child Detection Agency) Wanted to recreate the essence related to the biosecurity suits. 

This was one of the enemies which appear frequently in the game. So we needed a standard appearance to show before the transformation that occurs when they mix themselves with the creatures.

The process was from the creation of the full model of the character, then export it into Mudbox in order to recreate some detail, then send it to Substance painter to add all the fabulous textures that you can find with all these new technologies. 

Process that I've been falling in love with, especially the part of substance Painter where I  love to be focused on everyday keep learning more about all this texturing and be more efficient.

World paralel of Celioton.

When the project was created was intended to be something else. At the start was a game related to time invaders later changed for an educational project to promote preservation of the sea.

The next part it's related to the first project related to Celioton and the bioluminescent creatures that combined with plasma gave strong habilities,  all this changed to sea environment theme and the style also changed.

Khorne (The crazy) 

Futuristic-looking, strong, big weapons. he just likes the big axes.

A weapon for the Crazy guy.

 Heartbreaker was the name that I wanted to give it. In Spanish "La desgarradora" as well as the process to create each of these characters in terms of anatomic creation.

Heartbreaker was the name that I wanted to give it. In Spanish "La desgarradora"

The spike from the backside of the axe was a really good defy to practice changes in the surface.

credits to the image of reference: Axe 

Learning to manage New plugins in Maya and animations. (Red9)

I wanted to experiment related to the rigs from Maya to learn how to make my own models move. I did the whole process with a rigged model from "The stoff" Credits for the model from Zelda. To make her move and learn from references to polish the walk cycle.

Light to Celioton.

Based on bioluminescence light that it's produced by the creatures of the sea. Was necessary to create an environment that was not too dark, not too shinny. Because we are about 9000 mts underwater in a secret laboratory I did the whole process of light for the internal lab lights. 

This is the trailer for the game where you can see all the lighting. 

My mantra. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Focus your efforts, learn more and try again.     ┳━┳ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

For Epic Games Application.

Adding all the things that I've share on this project I would love to include another project that I'm working on. And things that I've done thru my process.

Olvido, A game about memories.

I did all the process of creation of the game. Also used visual scripting in order to do all the programming. 

Credits for the main character sprite. that I took some and then modified and modified them with the style i needed. Also, I did pickups and platforms. and all the ambientation, lighting, Environment Art, Animation implementation in Unity, and Stylized Concept Art for the Main title of the game.

Also, I did the music for the intro and create the sounds for jumping and pick up. 

Present: Doing fast concept art 

I've been doing a lot of fast concept art lately. Mostly because I learned about how the industry works and how important is to be able to create fast concept art. 

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