Primal Rush

Primal Rush

Jack Purdy
by JackPurdy on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A game made as part of a university team project; the game was developed over 12 weeks inside Unity using the HDRP pipeline.

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Primal Rush

Primal Rush is a ground-breaking, story driven ARPG combining brutal, bullet hell styled combat along with rogue like movement. Primal Rush’s gameplay involves exploring the caves, avoiding traps, pulling levers to open gates and fighting enemies, in turn gaining experience points which allow you to upgrade your character’s abilities.

Team Members 


Josh Norman – lead artist, character artist 

Adam Deakin – Environment artist, UI artist 

Ross Smith – Environment artist, VFX artist

Jack Purdy – Lighting artist 


Wyatt Howe - Team lead, Programming Lead

Jacob Smith - Programming, Sounds


Wyatt Howe -

Josh Norman -

Adam Deakin -

Ross Smith -

Jack Purdy -

Jacob Smith -

Game Trailer



Colour grading


Game Download Link 

Below is a link to the build of Primal Rush for you to download and play.

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