Bachelor Portfolio

Bachelor Portfolio

Charlotte Nøstdal
by CharlotteNostdal on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a selection of some of the work I've done in my last year as a bachelor student.

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Fantasy Forest

"Emily's mother has forbidden her to go through the forest, as there have been rumors of children who have disappeared and never returned. She chooses to defy her mother and thinks that as long as she sticks to the path, she will come safely forward.

Emily pushes herself through some bushes and suddenly sees a cabin. Light comes from within. "Who can live here so deep in the woods?" Emily thinks and approaches the cabin with careful steps."

I already had at the beginning of this concept I had a pretty clear plan on what I wanted to make. I was very inspired by games like Ori and The Blind Forest and the place Ballonlea from Pokemon Sword / Shield, and wanted to bring out a similar type of mood. I wanted to create a mysterious and wondering atmosphere. That's why I chose a story about a child's innocence who follows hers curiosity and adventurous spirit.


"Built in a lab as soldier number 7.

In a dystopian future under strict control from the government she is created to maintain “order and balance” in the society. Cold and emotionless she does her duty, without hesitation. Little by little she starts question her role in life and her identity as an android as she starts to develop human emotions.

This makes her wonder what it is to have a soul, how to be truly human."

Original character by me.

I was very inspired by Alita Battleangel, Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken and Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in The Shell when I was making this character. 

The idea I had behind her posing is that she holds her own soul in her hand.

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