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3D character art

3D character art

by josepontes on 9 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a compilation of some personal projects done this last year. I always try to learn some new skill everytime I start a new project. And since I love what I do, I always have a great time doing it, well most of the time! Hope you like it!

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Personal project done based on a concept by the amazing Johannes Helgeson

3D model Based on a star wars ilustration by Kai Spannuth

A world of warcraft inspired 3D ilustration based on painting done by Tyson Murphy.

Personal project based on a concept by  Sasha Tudvaseva 

Personal work based on a concept done by Anna Maystrenk

Based on a concept by Taylor Krahenbuhl

Project based on a painting by gop gap

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