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Big Bad Bunnies From Another Dimension

Big Bad Bunnies From Another Dimension

by OliverMcGrath on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

4 Player local co-op twin stick survival game with unique abilities and gameplay chaos system - Created as a 12 week game jam project.

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Big Bad Bunnies From Another Dimension takes the fun and minimalistic art style of moving out, and combines it with the fast paced, tight gameplay you expect from a twin stick.

If that wasn’t enough, it doubles down on the chaos and introduces fun, unique abilities and a chaos system to keep gameplay changing as you play!

Created as a 12 week game jam project, it focuses on its accessibility for new players and fast paced fun pillars to provide a dense, juicy experience that best showcases our collective abilities as industry standard game developers

Dimensions have clashed and killer bunnies are taking over the world.

You play as a group of friends at a house party who quickly realize it’s now a murder-house-party…

Using your unique special abilities together, and cards from the ring of chaos that alter reality, bust out of the bunker basement:

take shots, take up arms and take your house party back!

Team Members:

Lauren Westcott: Character / 2D

Lewis Banks: Character / 2D

David Shields: Character / Props

Oliver McGrath: Environment / Weapons

Brad Cullen: Environment / Weapons

Reece Parrinder: Environment / Lighting

Joshua Pritchard: Programming

Aaron Cant: Programming / Animation

Abbie Howard: Sound Design

Tyler Cline: Music Composition

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