Charles benvento Character Animation Reel 2021

Charles benvento Character Animation Reel 2021

charles benevento
by charlesdbravos on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello my name is Charles, I am a recent graduate from SVA class of 2020. this is a collection of shots ranging from personal shots, Animsquad Assignments, and My thesis Film Spark(2020).

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                                                                   My Character Animation Reel 2021

all this work ranges from My thesis film "Spark"(2020), Animsquad assignments, and personal projects.

Animschool's Malcolm 2.0 personal shot

Animsquad Assignment with Jack Rig.

this shot from my award-winning Thesis Film "Spark." I handled the front character animation along with camera animation. Background characters were handled by Yu Shu, whom I directed.

Here is the previs of the same shot

lastly Another Animsquad assignment with ED_405 Rig

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