Abandoned forest bunker.

Abandoned forest bunker.

by LiamW on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

one of my final 3rd year projects, where i made a game ready abandoned bunker scene in UE4

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one of my environment projects made for my final 3D year unit. although there’s a lot of work in this project im happy with, overall I didn’t get enough time to finish up and polish everything to the level I wanted. But I thought it would still be worth sharing. the production time from start to final renders was roughly 4-5 weeks of full production time.

the scene is based around a long-abandoned bunker, which still holds secretes from its past. a small team tasked with retrieving those secrets, try and fail to cut their way through the large steel door, which has stood firm all these years.

The Scene is made in Unreal Engine 4. most assets were made with Maya, Substance Painter, and individually rendered in Marmoset 4. Concrete Materials were made using Substance Designer. Zbrush was used for edge Damage on concrete and door pieces. Plants were made with Maya but use Quixel Mega scan Textures. Trees where additionally made using Speed Tree.

                                     Texture sets for the door & door frame. both are 2048 texture size.

Texture set for torch Cutter and both gas tanks, all the assets share the same textures except of different Albedo maps for the tanks. Single 2048 Texture Set.

                   a straightforward texture set for the crate. Single 2048 Texture set.

One of the main things I worked on in this project was creating a master material for all my concrete textures. I wanted to only use 1 material for all the concrete pieces as a way to challenge my understanding of material blending and creation in UE4.

I ended up with a master material that blends 3 different concrete materials via an ID relative to the structure asset the materials applied to. Which also gets blended with the structure assets own custom normal and ambient textures.

                      Material instance, with the editable textures for custome geometry.

Final result, Although i still needed more time to work on the concrete textures to get things looking good.

All the basic structure assets made for the bunker. along with there custom textures applied.

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