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Game ready stylized enemy

Game ready stylized enemy

Isabell Johansson
by zunjay on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This bird-inspired alien creature served as the enemy in the most recent game project I participated in at my school, The Game Assembly Stockholm. I’m responsible for every step in the process of creating this creature. The steps being: Concept, Highpoly, Lowpoly, Textures, Rig and Animations.

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I made six animations that I included in the Sketchfab project above:

Idle, Sneak, Sprint, Attack, Damage and Death.

Which you can also play in slow motion.

Model info

Poly count: around 21 500 tris
Textures: three 1k maps, packed using game industry standards.
Skeleton: 40 joints


Down below are some pictures of the very first phase of concepting this creature, as well as the rig and what it looked like in Maya.

I wouldn't by any means call myself an actual concept artist, so please have that in mind when looking at these silhouette haha.

The project team and I wasn't completely sure what type of alien we wanted our enemy to be at first, so the concepts started off as humanoid in shape. But one of my dearest friends in the team has a special love for birds, flamingos to be specific, so the team decided to try and incorporate that into the concepts. Which led to the silhouettes you see below.

The rig

This is my second full body rig ever and the first one I made completely on my own / without the help of teachers.
It had a ton of issues along the way and I learned just as many new things about rigging as I accidentally messed things up. But eventually it worked out as intended.  :)

The project team and I wanted to add some additional control to the rig but the scope of the project left us having to cut some concepts out. Like a mouth that could open and dripping slime with dynamic joints. The dripping slime was a story-related element, as this creature according to the game-story escaped from a sort of slime filled glass container in the lab.

Thank you!

I want to thank my teachers, classmates and especially my project team at The Game Assembly for the great fun it meant making video games together with them!

I also want to thank you for stopping by and having a look at this piece. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the process of making it. :)


//  Isabell

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