ANDREA BUITRAGO - 3D projects of the year

ANDREA BUITRAGO - 3D projects of the year

Full of expressivity and details, these are the most important projects I´ve been working the last year, some during my spare time, others for my school year. I hope you like them!

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This big and crazy monster was created during my spare based on some concepts of the amazing Óscar Jiménez Vargas. I really liked the expression and needed to give it a try in 3D, also experimenting with post production. I´ve applied new techniques and try to exagerate the gesture to make it look crazier. I love expressing different emotions through my characters, making them original and alive.


"Lunn Irin"  means "Lightning Bearer". This is an original character I created from scratch for a scholar project. I modeled and rigged it, as well as made the textures and post production. I enjoyed all the process from the beginning until the end, as I have a generalist profile.

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