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Jarno Van Roy - 3D Models

Jarno Van Roy - 3D Models

by JarnoVanRoy on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Things I made for the DAE course at Howest, showcasing different styles and modelling techniques I've learned in my DAE studies.

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3D High Poly

Here's 2 models I made for this course. A vintage telephone on the left and a Polaroid camera on the right. Everything you see here is modeled and rendered in 3DS Max. All details are modelled, nothing is baked.

Game Art

In this course we learned to design and create stylized assets. All meshes were modeled in 3DS Max and the textures are hand-painted in photoshop. 

Digital Sculpting

This is an axe I designed and sculpted in Zbrush. The design lends heavily from the dwarven weaponry seen in Lord Of The Rings. I tried to make it look like a stylized version of what you'd find on a soldier of Erebor. 
 Below you can see my progress from block-out to finished sculpt.

3D interpretation of 'Potify' by Sheng Lam

This is a game-ready 3D model based on a concept done by artist Sheng Lam, which can be seen on the left. I baked a highpoly version onto the lowpoly model in Substance Painter. I also did the texturing in Substance Painter, following the PBR workflow.

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