Vasanthan Nalinasegrem
by vasanx21 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

You play as Roy, a hacker in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 3030. 'The Corporation' won the nuclear war that destroyed humanity and the environment. Survive their crushing rule and acid rain on the surface world while you search for your missing wife, Pris.

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This is a third person stealth action prototype made in Unreal Engine. Players will start in their secret apartment and venture out to a heavily-guarded courtyard. The goal is to avoid the The Corporation's Enforcer and his recon drone that is blocking the path to the elevator. Cybernetic implants like an eye cam and an environmental suit will be crucial to mission success.

Character models and animations were imported from, and I configured the animations to create new sequences such as the opening nightmare animation. Cinematics were made using level sequencer with audio imported from

Friendly NPC like The Stranger will act as the quest giver and will help the player navigate the world. The Stranger will even upgrade your cybernetic implants remotely.

Roy's cybernetic implant (Eye Cam) can be used to zoom in on exposed networks to remote hack and learn more about the world.

Acid Rain will injure the player on contact. Players must be wary of their position at all times. The futuristic environmental suit will help stop the corrosive effect by releasing a neutralizing agent up to three times.

Anticipate the Enforcer's movement pattern and sneak around the level to reach the elevator. The recon drone will alert the Enforcer to your position and a hit from his electrified baton is fatal.

The goal with this project was to re-create the stealth atmosphere of Splinter Cell crossed with the futuristic world of Death Stranding. I wanted to push myself animation wise and make the prototype feel more alive with a lot of moving parts in every scene. 

Biggest hurdle was making sure that the enemy A.I. felt believable and was presented as a clear and consistent challenge to the player. I learned that adding new mechanics like the elevator key puzzle can quickly affect the overall balance of the game so I had to adjust enemy patrol and timing to create a satisfying experience for the player.

In the future, I would definitely spend more time play testing as I learned a lot during this part of the process.

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