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Yan Quélais- Entry 2021

Yan Quélais- Entry 2021

Yan Quélais
by yanquelais on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone ! here is a panel of illustrations, characters, landscapes recently made in various universes, fantasy, sf. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Hello ! My name is Yan Quélais, currently I work in the web (web design, motion design), but since very young like many of us here, I have a passion for illustration, drawing, for which I am self-taught. My goal is to work in this area.

It is a pleasure to browse the galleries of this competition, to discover so many graphic universes and talented artists! Thank you to the organizers of this competition and to the judges because it is a great opportunity to show my work to professionals.

To begin with, here are some illustrations made in 2021, the objective of this training was to imagine a universe of heroic fantasy with its cities, its creatures, its inhabitants.

The City of Sorcerers is an ancient city built on a flying island in which there is a large source of energy that powers the magical instruments and mechanisms of sorcerers.

Goddess of light. This goddess is one of the divinities of this universe, thanks to her divine light, she takes care to keep the darkness away from the human world.

Nordic warrior. At the edge of the human world, lies frozen lands inhabited by giants, dragons and a tribe of vicking-like warriors.

Elf. Obviously in a fantastic world, it is common to see elves, guardians of the forests, they ensure the protection of the latter against demonic creatures and certain men.

Mermaid. Some of them attract sailors to the ocean floor, others like this one observes them from afar while protecting aquatic creatures.

Dragon. These legendary creatures possess extraordinary magical powers, they live in remote areas of the human world.

Jaguar warrior. Living on the edge of the human world, this tribe of warriors, half-men, half-felines, is waging a war against certain men eager to seize a source of extraordinary energy which is in their territory.

City of the Eternal Griffin. This city protected by huge trees and a trading place in which all the species of this fantasy world can be found to negotiate, trade in various rare and magical goods.

Dracula. Here are three illustrations made for a contest on the theme of the famous vampire by Bram Stoker. Drawing on the novel and various sources of inspiration such as Coppola's film, the aim of the competition was to represent Vlad the Impaler and a setting representative of the Carpathians.

Aliens. Here are some illustrations made for a competition whose theme was Space opera.

And finally, here are some character research drawings.

Thank's for watching !

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