Winners announced for Rookie Awards 2021
Erenzea - Concept Art

Erenzea - Concept Art

by erenzea on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Challenging myself with new processes and unfamiliar subjects. I've been getting more into environment concept design and hoping to work as a concept artist in games.

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Shad Mill
The Shad Mill is a mill located on the coast and is specialised in grounding fish bones into salt using the fish that they caught at sea. With the river flowing into the sea they use it's stream to power the mill enough to grind the fish bones.

Full 2D process

Sargeant Clockworkfish

"Sargeant Clockworkfish was a man proud to train future soldiers for his country. He did so for years until he
realised most of the young soldiers he sent never came back home.
Thus he made his training harder; year after year he pushed the recruits through harsh training until he finally crossed the line and killed one of them.
Progressively, more recruits started dying during their final test to join the army. Recruits started to get more scarce as time passed until all that was left was a heap of corpses and himself.
The corrupted soul now roamed the hallway with his faithful dog, waiting for another recruit to show themselves to end their journey before it even began... "They weren't ready""

A herbalist/healer in the royal palace where she resides in, this character uses herbs as a main source of power.

For this character I based myself off of tea as a theme and tried implementing elements of this such as tea holders and tea cup easthetics.

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