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Embla Fröberg - Rookie Awards Portfolio 2019

Embla Fröberg - Rookie Awards Portfolio 2019

Embla Fröberg
by valorouskid on 9 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

The best of my work in Concept Art, 2D Animation and Digital Painting.

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Embla Fröberg

A dreamer from Sweden ~

OK How Are You?

This is the story of two lovers who dedicate their lives to comfort children in their time of suffering, and the struggle of loosing your other half. 

This video was made in Adobe Flash and Adobe Premiere during a period of 4 months part time work during school hours. 

Music made and owned by Daniel Johnston, mixed by me to fit the story. 

Character design and Digital paintings.

Concept art and Sketches

Lots o' doodles

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