Props by Vitali Balahnitsev

Props by Vitali Balahnitsev

by Balahnitsev on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello my name is Vitali Balahnitsev and this is my Rookies entry. Here are some of the props that i worked on during the year.

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R-105D Astra-3, a VHF portable radio transceiver used by the Soviet military.

Mesh of the model was made by using 3ds Max.

Since i had no polygonal restrictions and i wanted this model to look as detailed as posible i started with making a mid poly version of the model first and then praparing the high poly version later.

After the Mesh of the model was made and all of the objects were separated to groups i exported this model and made a UV Map of it by using UVLayout.

Baking of the High poly to Low poly was made in Substance Painter.

The textures of the model were made in Substance Painter.

This model has 2 texture sets.

For the main body of the radio i had used a 4K resolution set to be able to show all the different aspects of the materials such as dirt, dents, scratches, etc.

The second texture set has a resolution of 2K and is used for the smaller parts of the radio.

Preparation of the scene, placement of the lights and rendering was made in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun

Model of the shotgun was prepared in the 3ds Max. For me the hardest part of this model was the reciever that connects to the Barrel of the shotgun, it was difficult because i wanted the reciever to be just one object and so it had different kinds of geometry connections. For example the ball part smoothly going into flat plane etc. So i had to use Booleans to achieve complex geometry.

Like before i had found out that im most comfortable and fast when im preparing the UV map in the UV Layout. 

This model has only one 4K resolution set to achieve clearer textures all around.

Organising and placing the textures correctly was made in 3ds Max.

In this project i used the Low Poly to High Poly pipeline and the High Poly was achieved mainly by subdividing the mesh although i had used the Zbrush to make the detailed High Poly model of the plastic Grip Tape on the shotgun.

After model was baked and textured in Substance Painter i moved it to Marmoset Toolbag 3 to complete the scene, lighting and prepare a few animations.

RGD-33 Soviet anti-personnel fragmentation stick grenade developed in 1933.

While working on this model my main target was the preparation a highly detailed textures and achieving the model that looked old, rusted and aged.

Instead of making the cross pattern on the grenade by using normal  and bump maps i decided to make it as a geometry in 3ds Max, that would let me have more control over the surface of the grenade and would let me have more interesting textures such as breaking away coat of paint, rust and other types of imperfections.

Anti tank variant.

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