Environment Art for Games 2020/21

Environment Art for Games 2020/21

Annika Schubert
by Fulutu on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of game-ready environments and props which I have created.

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Snail Garden Diorama

Some people may think this garden is abandoned, but as you take a closer look you will find out that small animals still love to live here.

Process & Tech Render

Dishonored 2 inspired diorama

This diorama was inspired by the outsider shrine of the Dishonored 2 game. I used the workflow the Dishonored 2 team had used for their assets of the game. Furthermore, I tried to show my own feelings about the shrines through the composition and colours, which is a conflict between beauty and danger.

Tech Renders

Flower Shop

In this project, I wanted to build a flower shop with an attached greenhouse. The idea was inspired by a flower shop I have been to a lot when I was younger. The feeling of being welcome, at home, happy and safe should be presented throughout the piece. I wanted to create an environment in which someone would like to flee to whenever they are going through a rough time. It should be a timeless scene that will always be relevant. 

In the flower shop, different areas can be discovered: a shop area with different kinds of tools, flowerpots, compost, and fertilizer; a big flower area with all types of flowers like Hydrangeas, Orchids, and Petunias; a cash-out area; a pond area with a fountain and water plants; a cacti area with different types of cacti; and a fruit area with fruit trees and smaller plants.

Process, Asset Callout & Tech Render


In this project I wanted to create an accurate 3D game-ready representation of a concept of a dagger created by Arturo Villagomez.

Tech Render

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