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Kyle Martin FX Demo Reel

Kyle Martin FX Demo Reel

Kyle Martin
by kylemartinvfx on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My demo reel piece by piece. I recently graduated from Gnomon School of VFX, this is mostly work from my time there with a couple of additional shots I have added since graduating.

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Demo Reel

My current demo reel in full.

Raining Cars

The concept here was to have super slow motion cars crashing into the earth from above.

The car consists of a bending metal sim along with detaching parts and shattering glass. To create the bending metal effect the constraints were switched from glue to soft when they are broken, then once they pass a time threshold they are switched back to glue with a high enough strength to keep them where they are. By playing with the time threshold you can get varying amounts of bend.

The ground consists of an RBD sim using a boolean fracture workflow that feeds into a debris system I made and the dust was done with the Axiom solver. 


This is an exploration in small scale FLIP with surface tension. First points were created where RBD objects make contact with the ground creating a source for the FLIP. Then  lines were copied onto the points in the direction of the normals and finally the normals are pointed in the tangent direction on each line and are converted into velocity. This results in a crown splash shaped velocity field that is driven by the motion of the object.

The look is then dialed in by balancing surface tension, and then filling the holes with reseeding.

In order to reseed particles in a more controllable way, it was done using the "surface" data from the DOP network in a SOP solver. By smoothing the surface and subtracting the difference from the original, we are left with less or no reseeding in the ends of the surface so nice droplets and tendrils are able to keep their shape, and then break off and only the sheet in between is filled in.

Here you can see the grouped portion that will have holes filled and remaining edges that will not.


An assignment for Houdini II at Gnomon, burning ships inspired by Pirates of The Caribbean.

The sails, flag, and ropes were simulated with Houdini's vellum solver, Then a growth system was used to spread the fire across the cloth.  After the hero elements were finished, layers of smoke, embers, and ash were added. Comp was done in Nuke.

This project won best of term for fire FX.


Here I filmed a plate, tracked the footage with PFTrack, and then created all FX in Houdini. All comp was done in Nuke.

A point drawn on the wall acted as the source of all simulations. According to the distance to this point, constraints were deleted as the forces pull the wall into a vortex, then the pieces get sucked in based on their age and distance, and finally deleted.

The RBD simulation then sources and collides with the particles and pyro that are advected by the same forces that control the earlier wall sim.

The characters are mixamo animations that were blended together using Maya's Time editor. 


Here I wanted to create a large scale destruction sequence containing different types of materials and constraints. 

The building consists of properties representing concrete, bricks, glass, and metal. Constraints were layered and noise applied to the strength with additional clustering between groups. Then selected constraints were deleted and forces were applied to create the explosion and begin the crumbling. The tracking was done in PFTrack and then all simulations were done in Houdini, finally to be composited in Nuke.


This shot was from Dynamics II at Gnomon : School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation, it was inspired by Deadpool. It was animated in Maya, and then Fracture FX, and SOuP were used to create a destruction sequence. 

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