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VFX + Motion Graphics

VFX + Motion Graphics

Matthew Hizzett
by SkipVerse on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are a few VFX and Motion Graphic shots/clips I've worked on either in my own spare time or for University.

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I made this small Pokeball video for a mock pitch on my University course, had a few issues with it and had to rush it out towards the end due to deadlines but am still pleased with it. This was made in Blender and After Effects, the piano cover of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow opening theme is by Smart Game Piano

This was a 3D Integration project for University, my focus of this project was to 3D track and implement something into the scene. I'm a big fan of the Portal games so I wanted to do something from that universe. I had some issues with the 2D tracking, but am overall pleased with out this shot turned out. This was done with Cinema 4D and After Effects 

This was a small thing I did to test rain effects in Blender, after a while of trying different things I felt like adding the main character of the Halo franchise Master Chief into the scene with some music from the same series as I felt like I can make it fit the mood.

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