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Michał Zińko
by Michal on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Revision of the third-year collage project.

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Firs visualizations include my third-year architecture project. The task was to design an apartment complex in the city center. My design was inspired by high-tech architecture. I decided to revisit this project to see the progress i made over time

In all visualizations, I used the rule of thirds that way I could emphasize the angular design of the building

I also added few guiding lines to help the viewer

To make my design harmonious I based my color pallet around the triad of reds, greens and blues.

The second project includes an interior also designed by me. I decided to do this project to use most of my 3d knowledge and put it in one piece.

In this project a use simple guiding lines that help the viewer to go thew all the elements of the room and rest on the beautiful vegetation outside.

I also use triad as my color pallet to emphasize the view over the window

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