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Heist Prep Room

Heist Prep Room

jack read
by jackread on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A UE4 environment created as my final university project. This contains a breakdown of the scene, going into some choices I made and closer looks at some other assets.

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This was a game environment that I created for my final university project. It is inspire by heist planning rooms from films, and games, especially GTA V. The goal was to create  convincing environment which depicts a heist set up location. This scene needed to serve two purposes, firstly to act a staging ground for heist preparation, and secondly to be an old building which had been abandoned.

Having the building be abandoned added to the storytelling as it shows this is off the grid. Having an area with a dual purpose also adds a lot more variation, and helps me come to design decisions as I am needing to reference what that building would be like in the real world.

In this case I chose an old factory design room. It had large open areas, and traditional building styles, such as exposed brick wall and large wooden floors. Including industrial furniture is crucial to selling the scene, so the table is and attaching stools (yellow swing seats) based off industrial table references. 

The lighting is reliant on the ceiling lights. A directional light is powering a sky light but its set to and angle, and intensity so that it mimics moonlight/light bounced from a city. This meant I could play around with the lighting setting in UE4 to get a cool effect that has a tone to better match the narrative.

The plans themselves show a mapped route for a getaway attempt, and a annotated blueprint of the target building. These were images I sourced from google and edited them in photoshop, to show the colours intended, in this case the blue and whites of blueprints.

The central table is the key area in the scene, its literally where all the work is happening. 

I hoped to attach a mview file of this set up, however the file was too big to be used.

Narrative wise the table would have every member round it for many hours, planning every little detail. Some would stay too long and end up living in the space. Trash and food was added to show its an active part of scene, where people have interacted with.

There's two types of chairs, the yellow swivel chairs are built in to the table, as I previously mentioned about it being based off a couple of real world references, the others are old bar stools which were dragged in by members, for extra seating.

The rest of the images are renders of some other assets created, such as the modular pipe set, ceiling lights, and an old chesterfield sofa which was initially intended to be a weekly drill entry as well.

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