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Captain CigARRR

Captain CigARRR

by zacsvae on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

You command a small ship and are being bombarded with enemies. Try to live for as long as possible.

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Captain CigARRR is a student made game, for the course "Game Projects" in the second year at Digital Arts & Entertainment. We had 11 weeks to complete this project, from brainstorming to polishing.

- The Game
You command a small ship in a little island group
and are being bombarded with different types of enemies.
Collect resources and abilities to upgrade your ship and kill even more enemies.
But beware the more you kill and upgrade the more infamous you become,
and the more infamous you are the more enemies there are to take you down.
Try to live through this endless nightmare for as long as possible.

- Made By
Steylaerts Jonathan (Artist)
Goffin Nathan (Artist)
Bernaers Jef (Artist)
Droesbeke Diedrik (Artist)
Huysmans Marnick (Programmer)
Sauer Isaac (Programmer)


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