Doménica Basantes

Doménica Basantes

by domenicabc on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I am Doménica, here are some of my Motion Graphics projects from 2020-2021. I hope you enjoy my weird stuff!

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My name is Doménica; I am a Motion Media Design student at Savannah College of Art & Design. I am very curious and always looking to learn new things. I enjoy very much working with different mediums and experimenting with practical effects; on the other side right now I'm interested in minimal design in motion, especially for logo animations. This is some of my work, I hope you enjoy :)


Concept Title Sequence and Branding package for the first season of the American Crime Story TV Show. The season revolves around the O. J Simpson murder case.


Stressed Out is the 5th track of Rex Orange County’s album Pony. Alex O’ Connor, the artist behind Rex Orange County pseudonym, has described the album as deeply personal work. Through the album, Rex humanizes the healing process of depression, all of its stages, and his darkest moments, addressing a stigmatized issue with clear and authentic lyrics and melodies while bringing his listeners to empathize with the different phases of his mental health journey and promotes the idea of seeking help for anyone that could be struggling with mental health.

In this particular song, he starts with a yawn. He expresses the feeling of being face to face with the reality that his achievements don't necessarily correlate to happiness or truthful relationships but how his fame has made him realize how many fake people and friends he had around trying to get something in return for his fame. In contrast, every genuine aspect of this relationships seems to be lost and claims that the whole situation is unfair.

This piece attempts to translate the lyrics and the feelings expressed and perceived in Stressed out through experimental kinetic type techniques achieved with recorded screen reflections over liquid formula.

Special thanks to my roommate Camila Odio who assisted in holding my laptop and moving the substance with a brush  while locked in my  bathroom (because it was the only dark place in our house) on multiple occasions to be able to produce this piece. 

Logo reveal concepts

A great way to announce or build up your event, product, service, brand, or company.

For these specific brands, I had a minimalistic approach while adding a sound design that was relevant to the brand’s identity in order to create a meaningful breve animation that is UX friendly to start and app or to be used to open or close social media promotions

Brands: Intuit mint, Mastercard, Sailor Coffee


OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™ offers products based on concepts that adapt from season to season. This piece explores Abloh’s artistic expression while utilizing appropriations of Marcel Duchamp’s theories and aesthetics while designing and conceptualizing OFF-WHITE. The objects picked to represent this visual essay that discusses readymades as art objects are ‘Fountain’, Marcel Duchamp, 1917 and ‘LOW VULCANIZED SNEAKERS’, Virgil Abloh. The texts presented are excerpts from the article ‘The Richard Mutt case’, originally published in The Blind Man, New York, 1917.


I am not here advocating socialism, communism, or capitalism. I am not representing anyone. I am utilizing distorted images of the happenings to represent the experience, the intense feelings, the intrusive thoughts, the changes, the protests, the idealistic thoughts, idealistic rights, the war of ideas. The emotional numbness.


Tactile design board with the prompt “Fable”, based on the fable “The Goose & The Golden Egg” by Aesop.

For my concept development, I brainstormed simultaneously as I started to create thumbnails on my sketchbook and then went more in-depth with my concept development and setting my boundaries about what I wanted to work on for this project.

At the moment I made this, I had recently studied Francisco De Goya and was influenced by his dark paintings, at first I started thumbnailing thinking that I was going to base my design on “La Gallina Degollada” by Horacio Quiroga, but I found myself making very grotesque sketches and decided it was not the look I wanted to go with. I wanted a more obscure but still elegant look without being grotesque, I then created my mood board, a list of Do’s and Don’ts as well as for deciding to change my concept and use another of the fables I was interested in revisiting one of my favorite from childhood and worked with The Goose & The Golden Egg“ to then create a storyboard and my final design board.

I had a lot of fun using mediums I haven’t used in a while such as charcoal, I photographed all of my assets and then manipulated them to create my final design frames as well as produce the piece.

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