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The Adventure of Hataru_99

The Adventure of Hataru_99

Lucie Taormina
by Hataru on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Portfolio of my projects between 2018/2019/2020 Some are from LISAA Paris (2019/E-Chess) and other from Institut Artlines (2020 the 2 last projects)

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The Adventure of Hataru_99

A sunny lemon press

Inspired from the famous press lemon from Starck ! Modeled on 3ds max and render Corona renderer.

The Torture Place

A lighting test, I wanted to create a kind of prison, torture place. Created on maya and 3ds max, render vray

A japanese shop 

A small project inspired a pixel art work made by a Ue_Voxel. I used 3ds max and corona renderer

Pokémon Tom Nook 

This is a little project inspired from Pokémon and Animal Crossing, those were 2 games realises in 2019/2020 during the coronavirus. It was a funny work and also the first time I used Blender

E-Chess Project (Group Project)

Synopsis: A young traveler participates in a new gaming experience on her first interstellar trip.The headset on her face, the game starts, leaving place a virtual universe, where she can starther chess game. An interface appears in front of her, presents three sets of different games,where she can choose one of these. Once she has made her choice, the chessboard with thesepieces stands in front of her, as does her opponent, another passenger, who is also ready tofight. Both players are ready to fight! The match can begin!


Eduardo Castillo: Director, Script, Storyboard, 3D Modeling, Sound editingGabriel Chouard: 3d Animator, Concept art, Illustrator

Alexis Cultier: Director, Storyboard, Scriptwriter, 3D/2D Animator, 3D Modeling, 3D Texturing, Render, Final Cut, Layout

Louise Giorni: Animation 3D/2D, Texturation 3D

Franck Queiros: Lightning, Vfx, Sound editing, Final editing

Lucie Taormina: Project Manager, 3d Production, 3D Modeling

Antoine Walkowiak: Compositing, Lightning, Texturing 3D, Final Editing, Render


Léa Sabatier

Barbara Stratford

For more informations: E-chess (portfolio and Production file)

My Part

A techno room

A project where I learnt to transform a 3d scene in a 2d concept art, with photobash technique!

A Night street in Tokyo

A project created during 3 weeks, where I used some news techniques like photobashing !

I used a real photo (below) I took during a trip in Japan.

Below there is also a render without photobash

Demo Reels 

If you want to continue your travel

This is the end of the travel, If you are interested in some other projects or photography here some links:

- Portfolio

- Instagram

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