The Volvo C40 Project

The Volvo C40 Project

Adam Wiese
by Lazercar on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

showcasing and going through the process of modeling and rendering a Volvo C40

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The Volvo C40 Project

Hello Everyone! let me start off with a little introduction about myself. My name is Adam Wiese and I am currently 15 years old. I have been doing 3d artwork since early 2017. In that time I have tried several things including Archviz, environments, and Automotive visualization. out of those three my favorite must have been Automotive visualization hence why this showcase is featuring my Automotive viz. I have always loved cars and 3d allowed me to excel my passion into a fun hobby which might one day get me a job. Well, Let me show you one of my Current projects this year!

Heres the finale products of many painful hours of modeling and rendering.

Alrighty, You probably were wanting a little break down of the whole project, so here it comes

You were probably wondering how I modeled the volvo c40 because it hasn't been released yet so no blueprints have been made. Well I used a software called "Autodesk Image Modeler" which was discontinued in 2010 I think, but it still ships with autodesk 2013. This software allows me to line up a bunch of images using a marker system and then import it into my modeling software.

Now that I was able to get all the pictures lined up its time for the modeling stage. Nothing too special for this stage, so I will just share some viewport screenshots

I even felt like being generous with the details so I modeled the Electic Charging port and door jams. However, As of currently, the vehicle isn't finished yet. I still need to add the rear door card and the floor board but I didnt realize the deadline for this was so soon.

I also created the interior in a similar way using Autodesk Imagemodeler. but I was struck with another problem, theres not that many pictures of the interior of the car. Thankfully, the Volvo Xc40 recharge has a very similar interior with a few small material changes, so I used that as reference.

Now its time for Look dev! As for the exterior of the car, its not really anything special, just some simple materials, But the interior is where I decided to try something new. In the interior, I decided I would give substance painter a go and it actually worked surprisingly well

Now its time to show you some breakdown of the finale Scene

This finale Scene Went through many different versions, here's some examples of my earlier version of this render. Alot of the changes were driven by the Automotive CGI discords critiques, So a big thanks to them

Well, I think that's all the time I have for today, so, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope you enjoyed looking at and reading my project breakdown! Thanks for stopping by.

Some Further Project details;

This project was modeled in blender and was rendered in Cycles X

The environment is in thanks to Quixels wonderful selection of assets.

The finale scene ended up being around 15 million polys and was an absolute pain to work with, especially in blender. however, the car is only around 3 million polys with everything at max subdivisions.

This project has taken around 2 months total

A big thanks to the Automotive CGI discord for helping me achieve my finale render  

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