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Jade Maillard - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

Jade Maillard - Concept Art & Illustration 2021

by JadeMaillard on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi ! I'm a French student, studying Game Art and I'm happy to share with you some of my works !

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Hello !

Hello, I'm Jade and here is my contribution to the 2021 awards ! I am very happy to participate in this awesome contest for the first time.


Here is the illustration of a strange underwater world (made with a 3D base). Thanks to Florian Coudray for his tips to make this illustration better.

Illustration of the Bajau's fishing machine. Also, call "Sea Gypsies" or "Sea Nomads", Bajau is a real Indonesian ethnic group who live in their boat and eat almost only fish. As Breath-holding champions, they can dive to a depth of 70 meters during even 13 minutes without any other equipment than themselves. So I imagine a machine that they could have created to help them fishing. A kind of giant movable basket fish made with salvaged materials. Thanks to Félix Donadio and Florent Boston for their advices on this illustration.

Here is a project based on the Harry Potter universe, more precisely in Castelobruxo (the Brazilian school for magic, which takes students from all over South America).

Here is the first creature : the magic Arapaïma. More imposant and colorfull than ordinary one, they have some crocodile and amazonian fish characteristics. They don't breath underwater (even if they can stay long hours without breathing) and like lying themselves in the sun. In fact, their powerfull paws allow them to go out from water. They are elegant and relatively intelligent.

Here is the second creature, the Mapinguari : an entity said to live in the Amazon rainforest. He's describe to be similar to the giant ground sloth, an animal extinct for thousands of years, with a gaping mouth on its abdomen. As an insectivore, he likes to chew trunk, swallow bush and lick rocks to eat as much as possible. He is pacific and protect other animals from forest. 

Here is the shamanism and nahualism professor from Castelobruxo. She descends from Aztec people and is very conservative. She defends old tradition as sacrifice and is obsessed with religion. She venerates Tezcatlipoca the god of night, time, wizard and memory. She imprisoned her husband’s soul into a dog to create her own nahual and protect her religious equipment.

Here is an illustration made from a 3D diorama. Thanks to Hamza Belhoussine Drissi for his advices

Thank you ! 

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