James Friggens Reel 2021

James Friggens Reel 2021

James Friggens
by JamesFriggens on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of my work produced throughout my final year at university.

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RTV Idents

A series of idents were produced as part of my final year university project. All 3D animation was done in Houdini with heavy use of the VEX scripting language. Compositing and editing was done in Nuke and After Effects.

Track Brewing Advert

I produced a series of shots as my contribution to a university group project, in which an advert was produced for a local IPA brewing company, Track Brewing. All 3D animation, Texturing, Rendering, Compositing and Editing produced by me. Can model produced by Lisa McKelvey (@lisa_mckelvey) and hard surface objects modeled by Sophie Douglas-Jones (@sophiemdj).

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