Cell Surge

Cell Surge

Vincent Lu
by vincentlu on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Inside every human body is a constant war. Take the role of a white blood cell and annihilate the new virus that has infected the patient!

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Surge through the human body as a white blood cell, annihilating all threats in your way!

Cell Surge is a Shoot 'Em Up game made by 13 first year students at The Game Assembly (TGA). This was our third game project in school and the first time we used TGA's in-house engine, TGA2D.

The project spanned over 8 weeks at 50% speed (20 hours/week). It was divided into 4 sprints: Pre-production, Alpha, Beta and lastly Gold. Here are some screenshots showing how the game evolved, as well as our initial vision in the form of a mock up illustration:


Programming: Sabina Gustavsson, Alexander Gustafsson, Melvin Ringheim, Rasmus Ekelund, Gunnar Frennesson

Animation: Alma Gren, Fredrika Karlsson

Graphics: William Utterberg, Anton Bång, Louise Wyke, Vincent Lu

Level Design: Svante Livén, Axel Ahlkvist

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