The Forge

The Forge

by Kirigashi and Tziot on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"The Forge" is a 3D Environment Graphics Showcase, which I and two of my classmates made as part of an Assignment. We hope you like it, every feedback is welcome

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"The Forge" is a group Project made by me and two of my classmates, for last Semester's Assignment.

The idea was to build an environment, which could combine industrial and organic shapes. For example, our main platform resembles a circle but is made out of basic, rectangular, industrial shapes.
We also build the terrain in a way to hug the forge, so it would seem that they are merged together. We also wanted the player to feel pressured by the scenery so we doubled the size of the walls and doors. 

Our Aesthetics is heavily inspired by "DOOM", "Dead Space", generally abandoned factories, and a whole bunch of steampunk images merged into a moodboard 


Ioanna Sirma - Machines
Vasilis Mitsopoulos - Pipes, Elevator, Concept Art 
Tziotis Nikolas - Walls, Floors, Architectural Plans, Railings, Composing, Fx, Particles, Lighting
Sevina Ilieva - Sound Design

Thanks for your Time <3 

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