Student Rigging Reel

Student Rigging Reel

Hi! I'm Menno, and I am studying at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. This is my Student Rigging Reel! I only take credit for the rigs in this video! I do not take credit for all the other aspects.

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My name is Menno, and I am a VFX student at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. This is my submission for the Rookie Awards 2021!

After 3 years of studying, I found out that I really enjoy 3D rigging. Our group projects allowed me to develop this skill, while working in a team of fellow ambitious VFX students. Hard deadlines taught me to work as efficiently as possible and to remain calm under pressure.

Let me take you through some interesting stuff in the most challenging rig I had to build!

In the first few seconds of my showreel, you can see that I had to build a rig for a piano playing polarbear. Prior to making the rig, I had some RnD time to come up with the right tools for the animators.

I quickly learned that the hands were going to be the most challenging part of this rig. I had to build switchable FK and IK fingers, and I also had to give the animators the option to adjust the length of the fingers.

One of the animators came with the suggestion that the eyelids of the polarbear should be more "dynamic". This meant that when the Eye - Aim controls were moved, the eyelids should automatically move with it. On top of this automatic movement, the animators could then exaggerate the deformation with their own keyframes. This made their jobs a bit easier, so that they could focus more on animating the hands.

Making tools for the animators is one of the most fun things to do in my opinion. When other people come with more and more suggestions, you push your boundaries further and further. Making things more streamlined (with pickers for example), can benefit the entire crew.

I hope I can widen my knowledge more in the future, so that I can one day become a full Character TD, and Set supervisor.

Thanks for your time, and have a lovely day! 

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