Animal Facts - An Animated Infographic

Animal Facts - An Animated Infographic

by RhysOCallaghan on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This video is an animated infographic that presents information about a variety of creatures and how dangerous they can be.

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This short 2D animation was created to demonstrate the skills I have acquired in Vector Illustration and Vector Animation. 

Once I had chosen the focus of this animation, I began gathering information about various animals and how dangerous they can be. I went through a list and selected eight animals whose facts I believed would interest viewers and would provide visual interest as well. I then started gathering photos of each animal, considering which poses would look best and how they would be animated. 

I then began working in Adobe Illistrator, tracing each animal to be as accurate as possible. Along the way, I needed to use more reference material for some of the animals and took a few creative liberties when translating their appearance to my art style. I continued adjusting them until I thought they looked accurate and had a consistent style.

With the animal illustrations completed, I began creating backgrounds to place them in. I wanted to consider locations and environments that they would realistically live in. However, I also wanted there to be diversity in the scenery and use a variety of colors. 

With all the artwork completed, I then imported my Illustrator files into After Effects, rigged each creature, and began animating. I initially considered what each of the animals would be doing in their scenes and realized it would be bad if their actions drew attention away from the text. I then attempted to animate each creature to perform an action that displayed one of its characteristics. When the animations were complete I realized that the animals were still moving robotically, despite adjusting the timing of their actions. To fix this I utilized the "squash and stretch" animation principle by animating small changes in their scale separately along the 'X' and 'Y' Axis.

Finally, when each animation was ready, I moved them into a single composition and ordered them in a way that I thought would be appropriate. I found a copyright-free song online that I believe pairs well with the video's subject matter, and a created a simple introduction and ending for the animation. Overall found that creating this short animation was enjoyable and it taught me how to work more efficiently. 

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