Arkbike - Worldbuilding project

Arkbike - Worldbuilding project

Davy Rühl
by davyruhl on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

For my graduation project I've been developing this post-apocalyptic world where robots are addicted to racing and entertainment so the only humans that are left race for their place in current day society.

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After losing the race at the salt valley Macy returns back home to see whatever repairs lie ahead of her, take a break and feed her trashcat

The story of Macy, a girl within a post-apocalyptic version of earth, is mostly revolving around her solving the upcoming storm that will wipe out everything around them and turn off most robots for hundreds of years to come. This project is mostly me designing her home and the Signature vehicle Arkbike.

For the early exploration of this project I used different mediums such as gouache, ink, digital sketches and loads of painting exercises to find the right shapes I wanted to use. 

The arkbike is a levitating vehicle that has a sort of super fridge on the front to freeze down magnets to cause superconduction which when they come into contact with the powerful metal, Sci-Firium, will cause the vehicle to levitate. The vehicle is propelled forward by the giant jet on the back.

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