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Enjoy the CGI Trip

Enjoy the CGI Trip

Mercy Muñoz Asencio
by Mercy on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone!!, I recently found out about "The Rookies", and said, "it's a great opportunity to demonstrate my technical and creative skills as a self-taught" (yes, like to enter at the last minute). So in this post you will see a sample of my work. Enjoy the CG trip.

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Designed by Brillhart Architects 

CGI recreation of a tropical refuge in Miami. The project was developed as a personal exercise to test my skills with the real-time software, Lumion 10, there the whole context of the vegetation was added, as well as the lighting and retouching of some materials. For modeling and Uvmapping I used 3dsMax and to complement the warm tropical summer look, basic post-production in photoshop.


Small personal project focused on modeling furniture and details. This space seeks to reflect the relaxed atmosphere despite lockdown.

Except for the plants (Maxtree), all objects in the scene were modeled from scratch.


The creation of this scene is derived from a beach wave effect made with the Flip Fluid add-on. After studying, visiting the real world references and understanding how waves are generated, the simulation was finally ready. Made with Blender and Cycles.


Personal project, created to improve skills during my free time. This space, through the neoclassical style, elements and color, seeks to convey the concentration that exists when executing and composing instrumental music. In this scene, 3ds Max + Corona render + photoshop was used.


Personal project of an interior scene, with simple elements that allow to reflect a comfortable environment so that any bohemian musician can create music one weekend.


Scenes from real projects replicated on a computer. 

Objective: Generate a 3d image as close to the original photo applying concepts of modeling, lighting and textures from scratch.

Real Reference: Maison Kamari, designed by React Architects

Real Reference: Villa Cardo, designed by Studio Andrew Trotter

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